Customer first ...

Quality, reliability and long-term thinking are the cornerstones in the development of our products and our dealings with customers. The operation of our plants throughout its life cycle is extremely important to us. Therefore, our service professionals maintain the cutting edge of technology and make sure that we are always  available for our customers.

Our Strengths

  • Customer Care
  • Highly qualified team of technicians and engineers
  • Efficient vehicle fleet with fully equipped service vehicles
  • Centralized warehouse
  • Training center in Switzerland
  • Training of service staff and customer personnel by engineers in accordance with rules

Your Benefits

  • Sauter Plersch service mentality
  • Swiss quality standards
  • Reliability
  • Optimized operating costs
  • Longer life
  • Minimized downtime
  • Permanent Service Availability
  • On-site training of staff at large construction sites
  • Service Contracts

Sauter Plersch is customer-service centered. To guarantee Sauter Plersch customers the smooth and reliable operation of each plant, Sauter Plersch employs highly qualified teams of engineers and service technicians worldwide. Working very closely with the Swiss branches, they provide a unique after-sales customer service and support Sauter Plersch customers all the year round, everywhere in the world.