Turbo - Combined System

The new Sauter TURBO completes our product portfolio. Hence, as a complete solution provider we can offer you the right solutions for every requirement. Cost consciousness is the main focus of Sauter Turbo.

Our concept is based on the long-term proven components of our Sauter heating systems. The best possible materials are being used in this system. These include the stainless steel heat exchanger, the well-insulated hot water tank in the designs of 6 - 10 m³, and the reliable burner technology with a capacity of 750-1250 kW.

For the first time, Sauter Plersch AG is implementing a new concept of control systems with the latest Sauter TURBO

The main advantages are:

  • Cost-effective and robust heating system for every application
  • High efficiency with the use of thermal energy
  • Power-Boost function for quick defrosting of the aggregates
  • Emergency management and operation without a PLC via PC
  • Production of large amount of hot water
  • No chimney required